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ane degar

The album will be released soon to the music culture The album Music "ane degar" is Iranian traditional music and folklore narrated by:morteza & majid yeganeh rad  narrator:gholamali porataie & abdollah savarolia Part of the album's face on the links to know can hear


for beginning of year

for beginning of year one thousand three hundred and ninety-four   Hijri  , hadi's voice located on site. for  listen  this beautiful song    please   go to   the product section(آثار )  of persian language this website


musical to circulate farvardin on the site

musical  to circulate farvardin; poet and compose by ostad Mohamad ali Amir jahed and singing Abdollah Savarolia for  coming   nature spring  put on the site This  work  was enforcement  at concert hall Fakhruddin As'ad Gorgani  year  2001  …